Saturday, May 14, 2016

Blight removal cont.

Below are photos of a neighborhood cleanup in April.

Blight Removal

Fireweed has been commited to blight removal on Goldengate, Robinwood and surrounding areas since our beginning. Below are some recent examples of blight removal on Goldengate in April 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

Get involved!

We are very grateful for the awesome support we have received this year. Please join us as we work to co-create a beautiful environment and help empower our local community.

The Goldengate bike COOP is open Sunday from 11-2 and Thursday from 12-4.
The farming project has volunteer days on Saturday and Tuesday starting at 11.
Please join our Facebook group to get up to date information on work days and gatherings

Gardening and farming program 2016

This year we have expanded our operation. We are now farming on Robinwood which gives us the space we need to increase food production.

There has been great progress in working new land, developing improved water collection systems and additional infrastructure like our new farmstand!
Take a look at some the this progress!

Goldengate Bike COOP

The Goldengate Bike COOP is now entering it's second year of operation. The support we've received from the surrounding community has been tremendous. We thank everyone for the time, effort and love they bring to this project.

These are some photos of the 2016 season which began in April.

Community Assistance

When the city is unable to help the residents of our neighborhood Fireweed steps up to help those in need.

This tree has been blocking East Greendale for the past 7 days. The city stated it would take 3 days to clear. Due to the inaction of the city the residents of East Greendale asked Fireweed to help clear the street.