Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Help Save The Red Planet Bike Co-op

VIDEO: WXYZ Media Coverage "Bike Cooperative Fights to Keep Space After Owner of Building Wants Them Out"


The Red Planet Bicycle Cooperative is in danger of losing its community center.

The landowner, who has left the building abandoned and open, came by to try and evict us. As we work around the legality of our squatted community center, we have started to peacefully picket in order to grow awareness of the situation.

By cleaning up and utilizing an otherwise unoccupied and possibly dangerous building, we have improved the neighborhood and its surrounding.  This is more than just a Red Planet issue, this is a Detroit issue.

Spread the word of the situation.
Donate your old bikes and bike tools and parts.
Donate towards our 501(c)3 application.

The Red Planet Bicycle Cooperative: Our mission is to mobilize the Seven Mile and Woodward area by providing access to donated bikes, tools and parts while teaching bicycle repair.  Through hands on workshops the community will learn how to build and maintain a bicycle, safely navigate the road, and experience the freedom that transportation delivers. If you’d like to help fund our growth, donations of parts, bikes or tools can be delivered to 18600 Woodward Ave.

DRUM CIRCLE IS BACK! Every Wednesday at the Innate Healing Center and Cafe.  No alcohol please.

Goldengate Restoration Project NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANUP this Saturday 4/26.  From Sunup to Sundown we will be cleaning up the West Goldengate area from Woodward to John R.  Bring garbage and gloves. Music and good vibes will be provided.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fireweed Update

"Transforming a neighborhood, one house, one person, one family at a time..."

Hello Fireweed friends and family,

How are you?  We have missed you. Sorry for the long absence, but alas, we have survived the long winter. Spring is finally upon us! We are so overjoyed.  And we wish you to join us in our many projects now that the weather warrants it.  Here is an update of upcoming events if you would be so kind as to help us spread the word.  Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.   We thank you for your continued support of the Fireweed Universe-City. We love you all so very much.

  • VOLUNTEER WORK DAY - Every Saturday from Noon until 5 p.m (or really Sunrise to Sunset). As Shane would put it "Many Hands Make Light Work."  Projects for the volunteer work days are unlimited.  What ever you want to imagine can be accomplished.  Priority projects include:

    • GROWING FOOD (weeding, composting, planting seeds, tilling soil) 

    • BULK PICK UP DAY is this TUESDAY APRIL 8th.  We need to get he garbage collected off the side of the streets and collect bulk items out of potential houses to occupy. 

    • GARDENING WORKSHOPS. Exchange ideas for gardening, seeds and tips.  Learn about different forms of gardening and composting, particularly urban farming.  

  • FULL MOON FUNDRAISER DANCE PARTIES.  The Red Planet collective is located across the street from the Innate Healing Center and Cafe.  In the past it has served as a community bike shop, but we are working to create a true community center.  Every full moon we throw a dance party which we run off of a gas powered generator. This is an effort to raise money for Fireweed's efforts to become a 501(c)3 registered federal non-profit.  A variety of artists and collaborations, the Red Planet has come a long way and has much potential on where it can go.  Please spread the word to artists of any sort that may be interested in performing, painting, collaborating, hosting workshops of any sorts! NEXT FULL MOON: Tuesday April 15. $1 suggested donation.
  • STORIES AFTER MIDNIGHT - Tommy Spaghetti presents an interactive black light active puppet show.  We will be hosting workshop days to make our own puppets, and we will be having fun with home made pizza, Kava Kava and PUPPETS.  Tuesday Nights.

  • MOVIE NIGHT AT THE RED PLANET - Dates TBA.  Also ran off our gas powered generator, we view a variety of films.  Screened in the back of the Red Planet next to the wood burning stove, we are looking for volunteers to help run the snacks and drinks, and advertise with hand made flyer's. 

  • Fireweed Universe-City and Intergalactic Art Movement present: The Gates of RA! An art show inspired by ancient Egypt. Art Show, Psy-Fly Space Pharaoh Yoga, Sacred Wave Gong Immersion, Sacred Breathwork Experience. Saturday May 3rd at the Tangent Gallery (715 E. Milwaukee St., Detroit). Art Show at 6pm (all ages, free). Dance party at 9pm (21 and up, $10 presale).

"Greetings earthlings
We still need to gather wood and prepare the garden beds
And there's lots of trash that can be dragged to the curb to be picked up on the next bulk trash day.
The zombie apocalypse is here now.
Trun off your tv's and computers,
Come help rebuild Detroit one street at a time.
You can help by donating time, clothes, food, construction items and of course money on the websites Fireweed pay pal.

Love and light

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Call For Warmth

Hello Friends and Family of Fireweed Universe-City, and a very Happy New Year!

Well winter is certainly amongst us! Sorry for the absence and lack of updates but we have been busy continuously preparing for the bitter cold.

We have been very blessed with friends donating wood to the community. We are keeping warm with our wood burning steel barrel stoves.  The zen mentality of chop wood/carry water is in full effect every day.  It is certainly a learning experience for us all.  

We are currently burning about six stoves through out the community and make sure that any donations are divided evenly amongst the homes.  This means that wood is burned through fast!

If you or anyone you know would have any leads on down/dead trees, Fireweed has two chainsaws, and limited access to a truck, and would very much appreciate the opportunity to come and collect wood!

Also, blankets are also greatly utilized, not only for warmth, but insulation as well.

Thank you so much for your interest in this growing project and community.  We look forward to sharing with you our progress, as we have many ideas that are brewing and will be actualized in the coming months!

For now: survival mode.  Stay warm and safe everyone! Much love.

For information, questions or donations please e-mail us at

Outside the Slide House.  Artwork by Cookie.

Nick works on the Rocket Stove at 159.

Chopping wood after cutting down a dead tree on Robinwood.  Thanks to our friend Dan for the help! Also: a snowball fight ensues.

New Years Day: A Breakfast Feast at 159.  Toasting bagels on the wood burner.

View at dusk.  Wood burners in full effect.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fireweed Work Day Saturday 11/23

To Our Fireweed Universe City Friends and Family:

Greetings All! We are writing to inform you about the recent happenings around the community that is ~Freweed Universe-City~ (located between 6 and 7 mile off Woodward on West Goldengate).

A lot has been happening and we hope you will want to be involved!

This Saturday the 23rd  starting at noon until dark, we will be having a Community Volunteer Work Day! This means we will be working on top priority community projects.

This weeks community projects include:
-       Constructing wood burning stoves for heating purposes for two community houses
-       Insulating houses
-       ROCKET STOVE construction

Things to bring:
-       Friends!
-       Tools!
-       Dress warmly!

Resources Needed
-       Steel barrels (55 gallon)
-       Stove piping (for wood-burning and rocket stove)
- Venting pipe  (all 8in diameter)
- 7ft long
- 4ft long
- C shaped pipe
- Plugs
- 90-degree elbow
            - Straw
            - Bricks
            - Insulation
            - Sheet Metal Screws
            - Cordless Drills

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! We hope to be seeing old faces, meeting new friends, and combining forces to help change Detroit!

Thank you so much for your interest in what we hope will be an ever-expanding project of our community!

Peace and love,
The community members of Fireweed Universe City and West Golden Gate Family

The On Going Community Needs List: 
1. Axe
2. sledge hammer
3. chainsaw
4. bike carts or small trailer that can we can hook to a bike
5. Any tools (hammer, socket wrench, sockets, pipe wrenches, saws, drill bits, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc.,)
6. PVC, PEX, teflon glue/tape, piping)
7. Plexiglass
8. sheet metal
9. candles
10. blankets
11. art supplies
12. exterior/interior paint
13. doors/windows
14 lumber
15. bike parts
16. rake
17. Hoe
18. Shovel
19. Tiller
20. post digger
21. hose, tubing
22. chicken fence/ wire
23. seeds
24. first aid supplies
25. hygiene products
26. cement/mortar
27. deep cycle marine batteries
28. solar panels
29. windows
30. computers
31. doors
32. lumbar
33. solar powered yard lights or christmas lights
34. couches